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26 Mar

String Cheese.

Posted in Devotional Blog, Funny on 03-26-07

I like string cheese as a snack. It’s the best, man. Not only does it taste good, but when you eat it you have an excuse to play with your food — pulling each string off. They’re just awesome.

I had eaten string cheese made by the Kraft company — a name brand. Over a few weeks, I had gone through a few packs of the Kraft string cheese.

Tonight I went to grab some string cheese out of the fridge and I realized that it wasn’t the name brand Kraft string cheese — it was some cheap imitation string cheese. But I figured it’d still be good, right?

It tasted disgusting. It was nothing like I was used to from the name brand string cheese — it didn’t even pull apart properly. So frustrating. I don’t think its that the cheap stuff was bad – but the name brand was tons better.

This naturally led me to two profound thoughts:

1) The Real Thing is always better. Never go for a cheap imitation.
2) It took a cheap imitation before I realized what I really had.