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07 Jan


Posted in Devotional Blog, Evangelism, Revival on 01-07-09

Okay so Bill Johnson (Bethel Church in Redding California) got a phone call from a rather upset lady who said, “Ugh, I’m down here at the mall and nobody’s prayed for me yet. A friend told me that if i just went to the mall someone would be here to pray for me and I’d be healed. I’m here- nobody’s prayed for me yet.”

Bill Johnson had to give her directions to the church (his church prays for people to get healed A LOT… they literally are the healthiest county in the nation – nobody is sick – for real). lol.

another group came to Bill Johnson and said, “We want to be a part of your mall outreach ministry.” Bill replied, “Mall outreach? What are you talking about?” They said, “You know … all those stories you’ve told about people getting healed at the mall…”

Bill Johnson replied, “oh, our church doesn’t have a mall ministry. We just have people who shop.”

Welcome to NORMAL Christianity!

I dream of the day when someone asks if they can be a part of New Hope’s Evangelism team and I’d just have to say, “Sorry, we don’t have an evangelism team, we just have Christians.”

I dream of the day when someone asks about our student ministry healing program or our school outreach program that initiates evangelism activities in schools … and I can only say, “Sorry, we don’t have those. We just have Christian teenagers. They just do all of that on their own.”

I dream of the day when a Christian can pray for someone to be healed, or pray for them to receive Christ, and when the other person asks “Are you a Pastor,” they Christian can just respond, “Nope. I’m just the run-of-the-mill Christian.”

I’m not just dreaming. I’m praying. And I believe that day is coming very soon.

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