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18 Feb

The White House.

Posted in Devotional Blog, Evangelism on 02-18-09

Isn’t it interesting how one thing can represent something else much more specific?

Think about it. We may hear, “The White House says ….” is this a modern day miracle? Did a building miraculously grow lips and begin speaking? Of course not! We know this is refering to what the president and his policies have said.

There are lots of examples. “Washington” often represents the legislators, the individuals. “the pentagon” is another place yet it often refers to the generals and military officials. The employees at the Fort Wayne GM plant refer to their bosses at corporate headquarters by saying something like, “We will wait to hear from Detroit.”

And when [insert your name] says or does anything those around them should know that they’re representing Jesus.

Wouldn’t it be cool if our names were synonymous with “a word from God”.

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