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19 Feb

If You Don’t Like It, Then Leave.

Posted in Devotional Blog on 02-19-13

Indiana natives have an unspoken requirement to either be a “Hoosier” or a “Boilermaker” fan. My wife’s blood flows crimson and cream. I have chosen to be a Purdue fan ever since my older brother told me I should (despite my B.A. from Indiana University! Haha). I’m not an avid fan; last I knew the coach was Gene Keady or Kelly or something like that. I can’t name a single player on either team.

At the moment of writing this, my wife has IU Basketball playing on T.V. When I saw IU on our television, I yelled, “Why do you have this filth playing in our home?! Get this garbage off our T.V. screen!” She knew I was just trying to be funny, so I pretty much got ignored – but what if I wasn’t kidding?

Imagine if I really was actually ticked off about this. My example is a non-existent argument, but how silly would it have been for me to say, “I don’t like that! I’m leaving!” and just end our marriage like that. INSANE! Why would I allow a televised basketball game affect my family? Why would I let that affect this? That’s beyond understanding, agreed? It’s just . . . stupid.

We all support institutions and establishments. Wal-mart, Kroger, Ace Hardware, Italian Grille, China Buffet, etc. We go there because we like them! Being consumers is just part of our lifestyle, anymore. Nothing wrong with that – it really helps products improve, I think. Institutions and establishments have to work hard to please us, don’t they? If there is a hair in my food, I won’t go back. If the product is chinsy, I won’t buy it again. Simply put, when it comes to institutions and establishments, if you don’t like it, then leave! This is an appropriate response for a institutions and establishments, but not for a family.

When God made the church, he didn’t make an institution, he made a family. So when God calls us into a church family, we need to stick there until He calls us somewhere else! (Nobody picks their own family). The appropriate response for families and church families is, If you don’t like it, then work it out!