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29 May

Steven Curtis Chapman and Evangelism.

Posted in Devotional Blog, Evangelism on 05-29-08

Okay I had absolutely no intention of creating an evangelism blog series this week – it just sorta happened! So here’s the impromptu part 3!

Steven Curtis Chapman has a song called “Live Out Loud.” Check out these lyrics:

Imagine this, I get a phone call from Regis. He says, “Do you want to be a millionaire?” They put me on the show and I win with two lifelines to spare. Picture this: I act like nothing ever happened – I bury all my money in a coffee can. Well I’ve been given more than Regis ever gave away, I was a dead man who was called to out of my grave. I think its time for makin’ some noise.”

How true is this?! I agree with SCC, we need to LIVE LOUDLY! Christians should LIVE so loudly that everyone around them can hear, “Jesus!” HOWEVER . . .

God never intended for us to be cookie cutter Christians, He knew what he was doing when he made each of us differently. Living loudly isn’t going to look the same for all of us. Your personality will effect the style of your loud living. But one thing remains – we must live loud.

I remember a few teachers in High School that loved teaching. There were just some teachers that loved teaching so much that you could tell it wasn’t just a job to them. They genuinely loved teaching. I also remember a couple teachers that hated teaching. Especially several substitute teachers. You could tell. They never said they hated it but it couldn’t be hidden. It was obvious they hated teaching (two of the teachers I’m thinking of are no longer in the education field!). Kids can always tell how their teachers really feel about their job — they can’t hide what’s on the inside.

That’s what it means to live loudly.

Living loud doesn’t (necessarily) mean that I have to get on a soap box to share Christ. Living loudly means that my internal life is being revolutionized by Christ (I use the present tense, “being,” because its a never ending goal). Folks – this is the secret right here, but it often gets unintentionally ignored and overlooked (even by pastors and leaders) because its not observable and measurable by others. But that’s the key to living loudly – our relationship with God must be loud on the INSIDE before anything else. After that, it will come out of you through and in the style of your personality, in everyday situations.

Steven Curtis Chapman says it best, “If we’ve really been given the gift of life that will never end and if we’ve been filled with living hope we’re gonna overflow and if God’s love is burning in our hearts we’re gonna glow — There’s just no way to keep it in.” 

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28 May

Scientology and Evangelism.

Posted in Devotional Blog, Evangelism on 05-28-08

I had heard a lot about Scientology. It’s a religion created out of thin air in the past 100 years, and has thousands of followers. I had heard it was all about removing the aliens from your mind, created by a science fiction writer (both of which are true facts) who was quoted as saying something to the effect of, “Religion is where the big money is at.” But nobody would actually head into Scientology thinking they have aliens in the mind, right? I mean that’s a little far fetched. So I decided to do some checking about what the Church of Scientology advertises about Scientology. I watched numerous videos on their website asking myself the question, “What’s the draw? Why are so many people believing this?” Here’s what I came up with:

Scientology is practical! They provide real life solutions and answers to what we’re thinking and feeling. I think that right there is the kicker – its relevant! (I’m not saying its truth, but relevant to our everyday lives).

Christians, take a snapshot of your daily life. Imagine someone else looking at that snapshot. Would they see a life that has been and is being revolutionized by Jesus? Would they see a Jesus that is stagnant and insignificantly in your life . . . or would they see a Jesus that is passionately renovating your entire being? Would they see a Jesus that applies to today?

With that in mind, I understand why 55,000 Americans have picked Scientology over a stagnant and insignificant relationship with God. Psh – I DON’T BLAME THEM!

The key to evangelism in every situation is to show the one that is seeking for Truth that Jesus is the Truth they’re looking for. People around us are already looking for Jesus – they just don’t know it. Scientology provides answers when Christians (and their lives) remain silent. Start living louder.

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26 May

Foofighters and Evangelism.

Posted in Devotional Blog, Evangelism on 05-26-08

Earlier today when I was mowing my lawn kept singing the first line of “All My Life” by Foofighters:

“All my life I’ve been searching for something…”


Christians, the world around us is truly searching for Jesus – they just don’t know it. They’re not interested in the Jesus that shakes his finger at anyone who sins and takes the fun out of life. They’re searching for a Jesus that is loving, just, accepting, sovereign and brings fulfillment and revolutionizes lives. Why don’t we give them what they are searching for? (Maybe you haven’t even let Jesus REVOLUTIONIZE your life???)

The key to evangelism is not standing on a soapbox declaring “The End is Near” or knocking on doors (although if that works – more power to you). The key to evangelism in every situation is to show the one that is seeking for Truth that Jesus is the Truth they’re looking for. People around us are already looking for Jesus – they just don’t know it.

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30 Jan

Everyone On a Soul Search – Go to McDonald’s

Posted in Devotional Blog, Evangelism on 01-30-08

I met a Buddhist (yes, right here in DeKalb County) a few days ago who agreed that all religions were equal as long as the person was sincere in what they were believing. I pushed his idea to the limit and said, “So if I believed that a chicken egg was God and I worshiped the egg, I would find [heaven]?” He said, “yes.” Now as I wrote here, the only way to heaven is through faith in Jesus. I was concerned about this man’s eternal destiny, but he (as a Buddhist) wasn’t the least bit concerned about mine. I was sincere in my Christianity — and to him that was enough. If I was sincere in “Big-Diehl-ism” it would have been fine, as well.

I recently saw an add on my own website which read, “Which Religion is right for YOU? Click here to take the test.”

I threw up a little bit in my mouth.

When I go to McDonald’s I can order a Big Mac, a Salad, or Chicken McNuggets. It really doesn’t matter which I choose – it’s a choice from a menu. What if religions were just a choice on a menu?

“Hi, I ‘d like some Islam (with no jihad), with a side of Buddhism, some Christianity to drink, and one of those cherry Wiccas for desert.”

If that was the case we could all just go around picking and choosing whatever we felt was correct at that moment. Deciding right from wrong cannot be based on our feelings, attitudes, or pleasures. I didn’t choose Christianity because it “fits” me the best or it looked the most tasty on the Religion menu – I chose and continue to choose Christianity because its the only religion in the world that can connect me to God by creating a bridge over my spiritual separation from Him (sinful nature). No other religion in the world addresses the issue of our sinful nature like Christianity.


14 Dec

Evangelism for Your Generation.

Posted in Devotional Blog, Evangelism on 12-14-07

The missing link for evangelism in your generation is transparency/authenticity/genuineness, whatever you want to call it. THAT is what your generation wants. I’m speaking confidently about “your” generation because I really think this idea is the “missing link” for all generations. Let me talk about what I think it means to be authentic.

John 4:36-38 says “The Harvester isn’t waiting. He’s taking his pay, gathering in this grain that’s ripe for eternal life. Now the Sower [the planter] is arm in arm with the Harvester, triumphant. That’s the truth of the saying, ‘This one sows, that one harvests.’ I sent you to harvest a field you never worked. Without lifting a finger, you have walked in on a field worked long and hard by others.” (TheMessage)

Which deserves more credit- the harvester or the sower? They’re equal.

Don’t beat yourself up because your personality isn’t outgoing enough, or you “ain’t no good word-smith”, or whatever. Now, we should all be stretched outside of what’s comfortable for us — but what about the people who fervently stand in the gap and pray for the lost? What about the people who live boldly for Christ in their actions? What about those who actually pray with the lost to receive Christ? Which part is most valuable? They’re equal.

God cares about the lost. The more we know God, the more we’ll care about what He cares about. I guess what I’m trying to say is that Evangelism must start with knowing God. If we’re not close with God, we’re going to do very little for the Kingdom of God.

When God’s passion becomes your passion – you can’t help but evangelize. Maybe you’ll be the person who prays for the lost. Maybe you’ll plant a seed by living a holy life in a dark place. Maybe you’ll be the person who presents God’s plan of salvation to those around them. etc. etc. etc.

When God’s passion is in your core – evangelism will be a lot like sweat.


13 Dec

The Best Stories Never Get Old.

Posted in Devotional Blog, Evangelism, Free Sex Videos!, PORN!, Sexy Webcam Strippers on 12-13-07

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12 Dec


Posted in Devotional Blog, Evangelism on 12-12-07

I was in a hurry at the supermarket and I grabbed the first toothbrush I saw. I got home to find out that the head of the toothbrush was bendy so that when I pushed against my teeth it actually would bend away. I found it so annoying. That was two days ago.

Tonight I was brushing my teeth and I realized that I wasn’t bothered by it anymore. Then it hit me – what if what we think is “normal” isn’t “normal” at all?

Check out this scripture in Acts 2:47, “And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved.”


uh . . . daily?

It was normal for people to accept Christ every single day. What’s going on in your neighborhood, in your circle of influence? If you’re like most American Christians — not much.

If we are not striving to see people come to Christ, we are living an abnormal Christianity. But most of us settle for “abnormal” because it seems normal. We’re stuck in the twilight zone.

Not anymore. I want to live a normal Christian life -passionate, evangelistic, and difficult. Anything else is abnormal.

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10 Dec

My Dad is Bigger Than Your Dad.

Posted in Devotional Blog, Evangelism on 12-10-07

Most young Children are proud of their Dads. They’ll engage in “My dad is bigger than your dad” arguments. When pulled over for drunk driving, Paris Hilton even had the presence of mind to argue with the officer, “Do you know who my dad is?”

Consider this idea with the passage in Romans 8, “For you did not receive a spirit that makes you a slave again to fear, but you received the Spirit of sonship. And by him we cry, “Abba, Father.” The Spirit himself testifies with our spirit that we are God’s children. Now if we are children, then we are heirs—heirs of God and co-heirs with Christ, if indeed we share in his sufferings in order that we may also share in his glory.”

We are God’s children! Why are we so ashamed of Him? We should be boldly declaring “My Dad is bigger than your dad” to the world around us, starting with our lives! We are here to represent God, let’s be proud of our Dad!

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09 Dec

I’m Gonna Save the World!

Posted in Devotional Blog, Evangelism on 12-09-07

When I was little I wanted to be Batman – a hero to rescue Gotham City. My best friend wanted to be Superman – he wanted to save the world!

Have you ever met a little boy who wanted to BE rescued when he grew up?Nah – boys want to be rescuers when they grow up. They want to save the world!

That’s why I love being a Christian. Oh my gosh, I get so excited when I think about what I’m a part of. I try to put myself in the audience of Jesus when he said in Acts 1:8, But the Holy Spirit will come upon you and give you power. Then you will tell everyone about me in Jerusalem, in all Judea, in Samaria, and everywhere in the world.”

Jesus gave Christians the task of telling everyone in the world about Jesus – which can save them! Now its Jesus that does the saving — but Jesus chooses to work through us to spread that message. And since Jesus works through us, we have a part in saving the world! That’s so exciting – let’s do it!

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01 Nov

If You Want To Be A Wimp, Don’t Stir Up Trouble

Posted in Devotional Blog, Evangelism on 11-01-07

Just read the book of John and you’d see that Jesus stirred up trouble almost everywhere he went! Most people do not look for ways to stir up trouble – I think that sometimes you need to. Here’s why.

Let’s say you’re with a group of friends and they start to pass around marijuana. The “go with the flow” response would be to just quietly follow suit and smoke the pot so that you don’t create a rift. But stir up trouble! Go against the flow! Or let’s say you’re entering a business agreement with a buddy and he wants to cut a few corners (that break a couple unnoticeable tax laws) in order to maximize profits. The “go with the flow” response would be to just say, “sure” so that the business relationship continues strong, no one would notice anyhow. But don’t be a wimp – stir up some trouble by going against the flow.

If I speak loudly, everyone in the area will notice my voice. If I live loudly, everyone in the area will notice my life. And if you notice the life of a passionate and genuine Christian, you will find Jesus. That’s how you sweat your evangelism.

Go live loudly — go stir up some trouble.

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