A New Series
Is The Holy Spirit Real?

I have noticed a lack of understanding when it comes to the function of the Holy Spirit in our lives. That’s why I’ve started a new blog series titled, “Is the Holy Spirit Real?” The upcoming blogs will not be my own words, but will be direct quotation from the book, “Is the Holy Spirit Real?” by the late Dr. Paul E. Paino. (Copyright 1992 Paul E. Paino Ministries). I will occasionally insert my own comments for discussion or clarification, but when I do, it will be in [brackets]. I will also make slight modifications to make it more appropriate for online viewing (for example, I will utilize links in scripture references).

I am thrilled to have obtained permission to share this book with you on my blog. Dr. Paino provides the most clear, simple, and concise teaching on pneumatology that I have ever seen. I will start with a portion of the introduction:

While attending Bible school in the early 1940’s, I began asking serious questions concerning the work, the ministry, and the personality of the Holy Spirit. Here are some questions with which I constantly wrestled:

  1. Do all believers in Jesus Christ receive the Holy Spirit?
  2. Does the Baptism in the Holy Spirit produce Christian character?
  3. Is the Baptism in the Holy Spirit primarily for the purpose of receiving power?
  4. Is there a difference between being baptized in the Spirit and being filled with the Spirit?
  5. Does the experience of the Baptism give us power to witness or does receiving the Holy Spirit give us this power?
  6. What is the purpose of “tongues”?
  7. Can the “gifts of the Spirit” or “spirituals” operate in a person who has not received the Baptism in the Holy Spirit?
  8. Are all of the “spirituals” of “gifts of the Spirit” to operate in the local church today?
  9. Are these “spirituals” resident int he believer, and can these “gifts” function at the will or bidding of the believer?

These are a few of the questions that I want to address in the following pages [blogs]. As a result of searching the Scriptures concerning these matters, the Lord gave me clear understanding concerning the work and ministry of the Holy Spirit.

Yes . . . the HOLY SPIRIT is REAL!