secretly do we think the bible is boring?

“The bible is not boring-we are boring. We have been deluded into believing that true pleasure and fascination come in the form of loud, stimulating, immediately gratifying entertainment that we don’t even really take part in. We just sit there and passively watch or listen. Its over as soon as we turn off the TV, walk out of the theater, switch off the stereo, win the video game, or shut down the computer. This kind of entertainment doesn’t engage our spirits or make us more alive.

“the bible is divine entertainment- real entertainment. It contains the life of God, the creator of heaven and earth. And I guarantee that it will blow the mind of anyone who is willing to enter in. We must see the word of God for what it really is: a place of delight and pleasure.”

Quoted from “Pursuit of the Holy” by Corey Russell.

That first paragraph got me thinking. Maybe those loud stimulating forms of entertainment like TV cloud up our creative thoughts and desensitizes our spiritual receptors. How would we expect to receive a vision or hear Gods voice when we are in that state?

a massive promise.

“let’s stop reading the Bible just so we can feel good about having done our daily reading. Let’s begin to actually stop and meet with God during our quiet times. Let’s ask God to encounter is. God promises [in Psalm 1:1-3] that whoever meditates on His Word will bear much fruit and prosper in everything. That’s a massive promise — a promise that I believe will be fundamental to awakening the Church in this hour.”

– Corey Russell in “Pursuit of the Holy.”

How Do You Think God Feels?

My father and pastor has mentioned several times (while on stage) that he gets frustrated sometimes. Understandably so — he gets frustrated when he prepares a weekend message for the church about how to heal a broken marriage – and then all throughout that week, couples call him and ask for Godly counsel on how to heal their broken marriage. They would have heard all of it had they just came to church. I get frustrated occasionally as well in a similar way, only with my blog, not a sermon. Think about how frustrating that must be — we go through the work to help people, but the people that are thirsty for that specific thing — the ones needing it — don’t care enough to show up.

It made me wonder how God must feel.

We claim we want to know God’s will. If we’re really on fire we’ll shout out to God, “Speak to me your plans! Let me hear your voice!” And then get mad at him when he doesn’t answer. Think about that – that’s really what we do, isn’t it?

God already spent 1500 years writing down his plans for us. Not only that, but he inspired a group of early church leaders to compile all of it together into one organized book. It’s called the Bible! He did all this – yet we ignore it and holler out for God’s voice saying, “Why won’t you tell me anything?!”

It’s a wonder we can be so stupid and still breathe!

I’m not saying that God won’t speak through Divine Revelation – he certainly does. But Divine Revelation will never contradict scripture and we should always start with the Word of God that He as ALREADY given to us.

Let me end with some strong words that were said to me once:

“You want to know God? How DARE you say that you want to know God when you haven’t even read His Word — all of it — Genesis through Revelation. –the whole thing straight through.”

That same night I started Genesis 1. I’m reading Hebrews tonight. It’s been amazing how much more I understand God when I’ve read things in their context.

Knowing God.

There are two kinds of “know.” There’s a common “know” — like how I know the mailman or how I know some friends. But there are a few people that I really know. I know what makes them tick. I know if they’re having a bad day before they even tell me so. I know their dreams, their passions, and their deepest struggles. I really know a few people.

Consider this verse in Matthew 7:21 where Jesus said, “Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and in your name drive out demons and perform many miracles?’ Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!'”

Can I please see a show of hands from anyone who has driven out demons? Even to some of those that have, Jesus will say, “I never knew you — Away from me.”

I think too often we say we “know” God . . . but we know God like we know our mailman or even as common friends. “Am I a Christian? Yea. I know God.” But do you really know him, or do you know him like you know the mailman? — you acknowledge that he’s there everyday and gladly welcome and accept whatever he brings, but that’s it.

“I never knew you.” Those are some strong words, and Jesus will say those to some who think they’re living a Christian life. Let’s know God. Really know him. Know his heart – know his desires – know his passions. This starts with the Bible.

A Quote About The Bible.

“We’re living in the Laodicean [Apostate] Church. Christians pass over scripture like its nutritional information on a bag of Doritos: ‘That information helps me be healthy, but I really don’t care.'”

For you, has scripture lost its potency? If you say, “No” then let me ask you another, perhaps more revealing question:

How is scripture transforming your life?