If I Was Satan . . .

If I was Satan, and I had a country full of people who hated me, I would have to be strategic in my deceit.

If I was Satan, I would aim to convince Christians to keep their Christianity to themselves.

If I was Satan, I would  aim to deceive Christians into living with little effort for Christ.

If I was Satan, I would ignore Christians that aren’t a threat, and I would attack those who are. (If we are not being spiritually attacked, it may be a sign that we aren’t doing anything significant for God’s Kingdom).

If I was Satan, I would encourage the “On-Fire Christians” to serve God more and more and spend all their time in the church building — to the extent that they don’t have any time to meet with God themselves.

If I was Satan, I would slowly desensitize Christians to sin so that they would be apathetic to things like pornography.

If I was Satan, I might be pretty happy about my progress.

If I was Satan, would I be scared of you?

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1) Salvation.

Okay so maybe you’re stuck in a rut, like maybe porn (if you found this site while searching for porn — its because I wrote this blog post with you in mind and tagged it as such). If you want out of the sinful rut — you want rescued from it. That’s called “salvation.” I am “for” salvation. Please allow me to explain salvation from our sinful nature in four points:

We Are All Sinners. We are all born with a sinful nature. God’s plan for us was revealed to us in the Old Testament law (summarized in the Ten Commandments). We have all fallen short of God’s plan for us. God’s standard is absolute perfection, but no one meets that standard. (Romans 3:23).

The Penalty for Being a Sinner is Death. I’m talking about spiritual death here — eternal separation from God. So this sucks, eh? First I showed that we’re all sinners — and now I say that if you’re a sinner you deserve to die, so that means everyone deserves eternal separation from God — that sucks. Our sin leads to eternal death, and there are no exceptions. Doing good things and being a really nice guy cannot pay the penalty — the penalty is death (aka an eternity in Hell). That is exactly why at the beginning of this blog I said we needed rescued. We need someone to save us! (Romans 6:23).

Jesus Paid the Penalty. Okay so here’s the good news — God will send people to an eternity in Hell, but He doesn’t want to (2 Peter 3:9). God is a loving God — in fact, He loved us so much that He sent His son Jesus to come to the Earth as a man, live a sinless life, and then die. Since Jesus had no sin, he paid the penalty in our stead. Now that’s a loving God. He made a way for us to be saved. (Romans 5:8).

We Need to Take Action. Jesus’ payment for our sin is a free gift — but its not automatic. We have to accept it. Each of us need to believe in this plan of salvation and ask God to come into our lives. We need to call on God to save us and live our lives for Him. (Romans 10:13).

I’m “for” salvation through Jesus alone.

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