I was thinking the other day about Jesus and how when he was here on earth, if he was thinking about 2006. I think he must have been. I mean he had 3 years of ministry on the earth, and he had to make those 3 years of ministry so impactful that the shock waves lasted over 2000 years after he left. Jesus had to have been an expert strategist. What was Jesus’ strategy for changing the world?

People. He invested his life into 12 people.

I think we should adopt Jesus’ strategy here. Everyone on this planet has SOMEBODY that looks up to them or they can help. We need to be about developing relationships and mentoring someone. It’s God’s plan. You don’t have to be an old fart to mentor somebody, either. I was in elementary school the first time I mentored someone. Regardless of personality or age, we can all find someone to pour ourselves into.

Addition: One great way to impact others is to volunteer in a children’s program, such as at a church. My Church, New Hope Christian Center, has plenty of opportunities for you to influence lives of others; the boy and girl scout programs are just two.

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  1. Although I have believed this for a long time, I haven’t been actively practicing it.

    I feel challenged. I think it’s time to start practicing what I believe.

    Thanks for the push, Adam!

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