You Won’t Believe What Happened Last Saturday.

This is C.J. He played acoustic guitar during the Saturday night service last weekend. The story of how we got connected is totally a “God-thing” — so I must share it with you!

C.J. is from the South Bend, Indiana area — but last summer his church’s youth group went to a church’s youth camp in Colorado Springs. It was at this church camp that C.J. met my cousin Jeoffrey who lives in Colorado Springs. Jeoffrey and C.J. are both fantastic musicians. I had contacted Jeoffrey about possibly networking with me in a special musical missions project the end of this year and he suggested that C.J. come as well. I was open to that possibility, but of course I sure wanted to meet him first! His parents wanted to meet me as well.

Jeoffrey’s mother (my aunt) was here in Indiana to visit, and since she knows C.J.’s parents, she arranged for them to come out during our Saturday service so we could all meet. It just so happened that we were short an acoustic guitar player that evening so I offered the spot to C.J. as a guest musician. He jumped at the chance.

Now if that’s not a “divine connection” I’m not really sure what is!

C.J. is incredible. So is Jeoff. Their musical talent is outstanding and musical knowledge is through the roof — especially for their age and experience. Most importantly – they both have a fantastic attitude and they are truly willing to submit to God in their lives.

What happens when you get two amazingly talented Christians teens together in the same room? THIS happens. Everything you hear in that song was written, performed, recorded, and mastered by C.J. and Jeoff. That song, “Willing,” really ministers to me. Way to go guys!

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  1. That song is insanely amazing…I love it…Thank you for sharing it Adam…WOW!!! It brought a HUGE smile to my face!

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