This is Gonna Be Sweet!

I just finished choosing music for the summer choir last week. I am so excited! It’s going to rock! The first song we’re singing is “The Family Prayer Song,” which we’ll wind up singing on Father’s Day. It’s an awesome song about a Christian family: “as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” That song is sorta “soft rock” style. It’s typical to what our choir has done in the past. The second song we’re singing is A LOT different. It’s black gospel! We’ve never done anything like it before. It’s called “Hallelujah, Anyhow” by Joe Pace II. We’re also doing stuff from awesome songwriters like Tommy Walker and Lincoln Brewster. Oh my gosh, I’m pumped for this music! It starts next Tuesday! If you attend New Hope (or if you don’t attend any church but want to . . .), click here for more information.

This is gonna be sweet.

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