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I just moved into my house a few weeks ago and I don’t have cable or satellite or anything for T.V. I went to Wal-Mart and bought some bunny ears antennea, but I still cannot get decent reception on most channels. The Christian station, however, comes in loud and clear all the time – so I’ve found myself watching that a lot of the time.

The other day I saw a program on the Christian station of Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron. I still remember Kirk Cameron from being the older brother in Growing Pains, so you know I had to pay attention. Kirk said something that I want to reiterate to all my readers who got to my blog by searching for “Hot Sexy Webcam Girl Free Video!” in Google . . .

“Pleasure is not a good criteria to decide if something is wrong or right.” – Kirk Cameron.

Imagine a young boy holding a stick of dynamite. The fuse is lit and the boy is mesmerized by the sparkling fuse, not having a clue of what is about to occur. That’s how sin is. You may get your pleasure now, but you’re about to loose your life.

I can hear you now, “God would never condemn someone to hell . . . and if he would, then I don’t want to spend eternity with him anyhow.” Think about this – if I step off a high building, the law of gravity will continue to take effect and I will fall and die. The law of gravity will not lessen because of my situation – and it would be absolutely ridiculous to get angry at gravity! Don’t get mad at God . . . when you stand before God in judgment, the law of God will continue to take effect.

Please allow me to write a few more things to increase search results on this one. 😀

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  1. So true. Interesting way to share something to the unsuspecting. When I first read the title I thought to myself that you where loosing it for sure. But then I read on.

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