Wisdom From Judge Judy.

One of my favorite shows is Judge Judy. She is so blunt, and most of the people she deals with on the show are complete idiots. Oh my goodness. I think its hilarious. Here’s a few bits of “wisdom” I’ve gathered from Judge Judy (this may or may not be wisdom — but they made me laugh!).

“They don’t keep me around here because I’m 5′ 6” and gorgeous. They keep me here because I am very, very smart.”

“Put your kids in daycare and get a job!”

“Listen to me – you won’t solve your financial problems by making another baby.”

“Grow up! Your tears won’t make it with me.”

“I don’t want to hear ‘blah, blah, blah,’ I can hear ‘blah, blah, blah,’ when I talk with my three year old. Tell me the words he said!”

“If it doesn’t make sense its probably not true.”

(“Vern (the bailiff), would you get these children a place to sit outside the courtroom please? I am about to loose it.”

“You can’t get in the back door what you can’t get in the front door.” (THAT’S REAL WISDOM!)

“You’re a nasty, nasty lady.”

“Don’t just stand there — you look like an idiot.”

[Beginning of case] “This is a case where dumb is suing dumber. This should be short.”

And my absolute favorite is something that was said TO Judge Judy, “In the name of Jesus I’m going to smack the devil out of you!”

2 Replies to “Wisdom From Judge Judy.”

  1. Yeah, Judge Judy is pretty direct!

    At least she’s not passive-aggressively dropping hints! I prefer the direct approach.

    My favorite one has got to be that last one…that’s just plain hysterical 😀

    Go Judge Judy!

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