My Favorite Website.

Okay, I need to take this silly April Fools Day opportunity to tell everyone about my favorite website: Check out the website – its amazing. I found this website when I was in the 10th grade bored on a computer and I just typed in “” to see what was there. I laughed and laughed. To this day, I laugh hysterically every time I visit the page. I can only imagine the enjoyment the site owner gets . . . seeing how many millions or billions of hits he gets on his nonsense page every day. It just cracks me up.

For the html-ers out there, you also might enjoy to look at the simplicity of the html code.

2 Replies to “My Favorite Website.”

  1. Wow…it’s hard to think that someone is paying to host that. Nevertheless, it’s one of the “stupid-funnies” that the world would be way to stuck-up without. Thanks for sharing!

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