a massive promise.

“let’s stop reading the Bible just so we can feel good about having done our daily reading. Let’s begin to actually stop and meet with God during our quiet times. Let’s ask God to encounter is. God promises [in Psalm 1:1-3] that whoever meditates on His Word will bear much fruit and prosper in everything. That’s a massive promise — a promise that I believe will be fundamental to awakening the Church in this hour.”

– Corey Russell in “Pursuit of the Holy.”

2 Replies to “a massive promise.”

  1. woh. that first sentence was a wake-up –not call, that’s too mild– that I’ve been desperately needing this week…

  2. WOW!!! that is SO true. i know i’ve been in that position before where reading the Bible felt like an obligation rather than a chance at an encounter with God. I think every now and then we need a little knock in the head, kind of like this, to remind us that reading the Bible isn’t just something that needs to be done for our spiritual health but also to meet with God. (end ramble) 😉

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