Sneak Peek: Worship Article

Recently I was asked to write a short article for my church‘s newsletter on worship. I did, and then I said to myself, “Frank,” (Sometimes I call myself Frank), “why limit this article to just the newsletter. It’s an amazingly concise and spot-on article, and anyone who reads it will immediately think you’re cool. Put it up on your blog.” So here it goes:

Romans 12 teaches that our spiritual act of worship to God is our whole lives. Not music – but our lives. Authentic Christianity sees worship not as a moment on Sunday but a committed life to Christ. The most important expression we can give to God should be seen by the way we live our lives. I don’t think God is nearly as impressed with our songs as He is a life devoted to Him (Psalms 51:16-17).

Then why do we use music on the weekends? Great question – I’m so glad you asked.

Firstly, because God said to. Psalm 150 is very clear.

Secondly, I’ve never heard anyone deny the power of music. Those that couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket and even the deaf still greatly enjoy music. Our mind communicates with words; but our heart communicates through art. Music is a great artistic vehicle to help us express our heart rather than just our thoughts to God.

Lastly, we use music to worship in our services because it promotes church unity. Even in remote indigenous cultures, they use forms of music to promote a sense of community among themselves. I don’t know about you, but I think there’s something wonderful about lifting my voice to God in the midst of others. When we assemble together on the weekends, I’m not worshipping – WE are worshipping.

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