I caught pinkeye. Yesterday I woke up and it was real bad; my eye was matted shut and everything. I got some medicine and all, but the next day (this morning) it was still taking a toll on me. Oh well, the day goes on, right?

I woke up, shut off my stupid alarm, and headed down the hallway towards the kitchen so I could put some of that wheat bread in my toaster. I entered the kitchen to a very unpleasant surprise.

Apparently I had left a few too many crumbs in the toaster, and a few too many plates with traces of food in the sink. I observed armies of ants making their way through my window, down the wall, accross the counter, and into my sink and toaster. This is not just a few ants, this was an infestation. My toaster was beginning to take on the color of the ants, it was that bad. I would guess 500,000 ants. I had never seen anything like it.

My first thought: “Forget the toast, I’ll settle for an Egg McMuffin.”

My second thought: “kill. Kill. KILL!!”

And so began my anhiliation. I pulled out a can of ant-killing Raid, and had my way with the ants. I soaked my window ledge, I soaked the crevices of the couter where the ants were crawing. I wiped those insectal carcasas off my counter, taking their living friends with them in the paper towel to an eternal grave we know as the trash can. Then I went back and sprayed some more, killed some more. I had myself a little “ant holocaust.” If those ants were just a little bit bigger, I would be bragging about how much like Rambo I must have seemed.

13 hours later, I returned to my home and observed the war field. There were still a few dead ants laying there and I looked at them for a moment. And then I saw it. I saw a leg twitch. No… a couple legs twitched. There was one ant that had not given up. After all he had gone through, with his dead ant-friends surrounding him, he was still trying to make it back. I thought, “poor bloke,” he’ll give up here in a minute.

4 hours after that I went back to observe this little engine that could. He had stopped trying. I studied him for a long time, and there was certainly no movement left in that little guy. Then I blew on him, ever so slightly. A little harder. Dead ants around him began to blow away. A little harder. The one ant that could not give up began to blow away as well, then he stopped. I wondered why. I looked closer and he had stopped himself! He had reached out a little “feeler” arm and stopped himself from sliding any further. I continued to watch as he began his struggle once again. Waving his three operational arms around trying to get home.

I like this story. Hopefully you “get it.”

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  1. Yea… that’s what I thought most people would get. I actually “got” something different while I was thinking about this, and I intentionally didn’t point it out because I didn’t want to stifle anything else. I’ll share what I got in a day or so. Did anyone else “get” something different?

  2. I see something totally different, and I’m sure it’s totally different than what you see too.

    I see the ants as little areas of sin. Ultimately, the sin in our lives is our fault (ie, the food you left out in your kitchen ;). So when the “ants” come, we HAVE to whip out the RAID (the word), to clear our lives of the sin. But the truth is…there was still something left in the kitchen that kept that ant going. Maybe you just didn’t shoot him with enough bug spray. Maybe he had his eye on your sour cream or organic beans 😉 Nonetheless…sin is something you can’t take lightly, no matter how small (ants are teeeeeeny-tiny!). They can have a grip like none other…even with just a little feeler.

    I’m not sure God would enjoy the fact that I compared His word to bug spray…but you get the point. Now tell me what YOU got…

  3. I got somethig completly diffrent
    We are like the ants and your little air raid of raid is like satan’s atemt to knock us down every day. That one little ant that didnt give up he had hope and ambition not to end up like his brothers and sisters. He wanted to survive when he did give up and you blew on him it was like he was geting a wind of encorgement. Kinda like the holy sprit in our lives, giving him the strength to move on the strength at that point in time he despretly needed. A strength we could never have when we are left on our own.

  4. Nice Mary Rose — That’s more along the lines of what was most significant to me, personally. That’s what jumped out at me.

    When we’re going through struggles, the Holy Spirit (breath of God) gives us the power to keep going.

  5. Wow. Good stuff, guys. All I got from it was that it’s a bad idea to leave food in the sink.

    That’s a joke, in case you don’t know me very well.

  6. You must have your mom’s comments on this one! What I “got out of it” was: Keep your kitchen clean! HA! It’s more than just cosmetic.

    Seriously, good analogy! I think the Bible talks about ants, comparing them to us, to be deligent workers…. never give up!

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