The Bible tells us to give honor to those who deserve it.

On occassion I run into people who amaze me in their willingness to serve and sacrifice their own desires for the betterment of the kingdom of God. These people are the people that you might see on the show, “Dirty Jobs”; they do the part of ministry that few others would actually want to do, making lives like mine much more… clean.

Today’s award goes to my friend, Abby Houser who recently got “slimed” at a youth group function in the name of Christ. Kudos to you, Abby, kudos to you.


10 Replies to “Kudos”

  1. You, Mr. Diehl, are the perfect blend of sweet n low and lemon in my iced tea 🙂

  2. Well Abby… by looking at this pic, you’re a perfect blend of gummy worms, marshmellow cream, pixie-stick sugar, yuck-slime, and flour.

  3. You only got one thing correct…flour. Everything else was totally wrong. I win.

  4. Is there some kind of breakfast cereal involved? And maybe some m&m’s or skittles?

    Abby you ROCK!!!! (and you ALWAYS win) 🙂

  5. Well, at least i see some pink stuff on your pants to match your once-pink colored shirt!

    What a woman!!

    i love you, schmoopie!

  6. Love you too, Lou!!! Oh, and Jeremiah… Yes, they are Fruity Pebbles 🙂

    And Adam, since this is YOUR blog…I’ll say… “Well Helloooooooo!”

  7. That is quite a fashion statement Abby. That shows alot of commitment to the youth. That is sooooo cool!

  8. I think Abby needs to not visit Adam’s kitchen; ANTS WOULD LOVE HER! Now that is a really creepy thought!

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