Another Cop-out?

Oh guys, I’m tired again… why do I have to feel so committed to my blog that I think I need to post every single day? *sigh*

I found another very valuable resource on the web, guys. This guy explains how a band works together in very simple words that will make sense to ANYONE. Even if you aren’t a musician, I encourage you to follow that link and you will discover something new about music.

9 Replies to “Another Cop-out?”

  1. Adam,

    Thanks so much for linking me to this sight. I’ve struggled some with how to communicate to the worship teams what to play, and this really helped me. God Bless you!

  2. Hey, Adam: I’m really not interested in how tired your are. Go to bed at bedtime or go take a nap. What I want to know is what’s been happening in your life. What did you do all day today? what did you learn today?


  3. odd. well, now we finally know that you didn’t really learn how to talk to band from School of Rock, but from talking with StrongBad.

    imho, you don’t need to post daily. at the beginning i think you said twice a week or so, so any more often than that is just icing on a yummy cake.

  4. I’m gonna agree with Nathan on this one:

    I really enjoy the good posts, with lots of good content in them, I’m willing to only get one or two a week, as long as they are good. Hey, if we can get good stuff more often, it’s definitely icing on the cake!

    Although, it was certainly worth the time to watch Pastor Ed and StrongBad.

  5. Adam…In response to your blog and the comments above, I say this…

    Do whatever you want…GOSH! 🙂

    Post when you want to post. Don’t post when you don’t want to post. Don’t apologize either way. I love nothing more than to hear what’s going on in your heart and your life, don’t get me wrong. But do what you need to do 🙂

    PS-Are you smiling NOW???

  6. I hope that someday I have the talent that Strongbad possesses.

    About the whole blog thing. I want something posted every 4 hours no matter what. But, that’s just me.

    Being tired sucks alot. Just a tip from Benny this is what I do to fix being tired. We have gone as far as to dedicate a whole room to this very thing. Step one, enter special anti-tired room. Step two, change into something more comfortable (PJ’s of your choice). Step three, convert self from vertical being to horizontal being (*note* for best results use a bed). Step four, clap hands twice (room goes dark) and close eyes. You will be so amazed with the results that you will consider doing this every day for hours at a time. I guarantee it or your money back**. ** = OK. I’m not giving you any money back. Just trying to sell an idea here.

  7. The link you left just reminds me of how much we miss you around here. cant wait for you to come home so I can hear more of your band talk. miss you bunches.

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