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  1. Here’s my thing: Before there was legalized abortion, there were nasty unclean abortions going on anyway. Young girls that feel that they can’t tell their parents feel that there is no other way out. So they go these dumps and they get infections and are permenantly messed up or they die. (Let’s face it: we don’t ALL have rational parents. Some parents would throw their daughter out on the street if this happened. Some would ship her off. Some would beat her.) All logical fears for a teen to have.

    No–I in no way condone abortion. No–I would in no way advise it anyone. Yes–I know there are other options.
    But there are many young girls out there that are unaware of other options; don’t feel there ARE other options for them; or would just rather suffer the consequesnces than face their parents with the news. For these girl’s sake, because there are thousands of them, I think there should be a legal, clean place for it to happen, because it WILL happen, one way or another, it WILL happen.

    Convince me I’m wrong on my views.

  2. I see what you mean – however this perspective seems less appropriate when applied the same way to a different sin:

    “Stealing has been around since the beginning of history, and no matter what – stealing will always continue. Some people are starving to death and have no money and those people will die unless they steal food. So stealing should be legal for everyone.”

    This is simply not biblical. Our government has a welfare systems and there are homeless shelters/food banks to help people like this. If Christians do their job (James 1:27), then these people should be taken care of. There are alternatives to stealing!

    In regards to abortion – I wasn’t alive before abortion was legal, but I perceive that there are a lot more counseling centers to inform teen girls of their options. I can think of four places in my county OFF THE TOP OF MY HEAD where a teen girl could go.

    Pot smoking will continue no matter what – should that be legal?

    Premarital Sex will continue no matter what – should schools just get every prom couple a hotel room and a condom to make it easier?

    I don’t see how that logic is biblical.

    Abortion is a nasty murder any way you look at it.

  3. Yes, you do make a good point. That makes complete sense and I can’t argue it.

    I think probably where a teen would fall into this situation is lack of knowledge. If you would tell the girl about the places to go for help, she’d say, “What are they going to do for me? Let me come live with them when I get thrown out?” Well, yes, there ARE foster homes that would take her in when she gets thrown out. But she’ll never know that because she won’t go.

    I knew a girl back in the ’90’s that actually HID her pregnancy from her mother up until the day she gave birth because she was so afraid of what her mother would do. She wore baggy clothes the whole time, and when she went into labor she told her mom she had stomach pains. She wanted to be at the hospital around other people when her mom found out. She was THAT scared. These are the people I worry about. Likewise, I’d probably feel sorry for and excuse a kid stealing food to survive.

    Adults know they have options; they don’t have the same fears an insecure teen does. Just like they know about shelters and welfare, they know they can be taken in and adopt their child out. Adults also know about birth control in the first place. (I know teens should know about birth control before having sex, but we’re not talking about the best of parents here…according to Dear Abby, some believe drinking Mountain Dew before sex is a contraceptive!)
    Adults I don’t feel sorry for, and those abortions should not be permitted. Also, the partial birth abortions. Those are sick. You’ve carried the child full term already, give someone else a chance to raise it.

  4. So, to apply this logic to the sin of stealing…

    I’m starving to death. I’m a cripple. I live in a place where the church is not feeding the hungry (i.e. not doing it’s job), and there is no state based welfare or assistance of any sort. My family has abandoned me. I can’t get a job. I have no food, no money, and no way to get either. My options are reduced to steal or starve.

    If I starve, I die. If I steal, I go to jail. Furthermore, if I steal, I sin!

    So, who’s the bigger sinner? Me, for stealing food to stay alive? Or the Body of Christ for not doing their job in feeding the hungry?

    So, to apply this to the situation you’ve both described as it pertains to abortion: Who’s the bigger sinner? The lost soul committing abortion without a strong Godly moral compass? Or the Body of Christ who is depending on the government to legislate the morality of the people living in the country?

    I guess I’m pro-choice (read that “libertarian”)…if you choose to kill me, that’s your choice. There may be consequences for your actions. Others may seek retribution. I may try to defend myself and hurt you. There are consequences.

    If you choose to steal from me, I may choose to defend myself.

    If you choose to have an abortion, I may choose to try to talk you out of it.

    In the end, each person must make their own choice, regardless of what anyone around them thinks, says, or does. And regardless of what the law says. So, why should we try to legislate it? Why not allow people to experience personal freedom, coupled with personal responsibility, while we (the Body of Christ) build God-honoring relationships with them?

  5. @Joe: Your comment is centered around the legislation of morality. The legislation of morality doesn’t come into play here at all, man (therefore neither does the comment! lol)

    “You can’t legislate morality” means that legislation can’t make people moral. This is true! It has NOTHING to do with not having moral legislation.

    ALL legislation should be and always has been influenced by morality. Think about it… without morality, we would have NO NEED for any legislation whatsoever. Murder, Stealing, Perjury, Drugs…. ALL these laws were influenced by morality. But that legislation doesn’t make people moral.

    Abortion fits right in with the “murder” legislation. It’s not legislating morality… its morality influencing our legislation… WHICH IT SHOULD (and always has).

    If life is an important moral in our nation, then we need to eliminate abortion.

    If life is NOT an important moral issue in our nation, why don’t the Caucasians just take all black people and make them slaves again?

    That in no way is a statement devaluing people because of their skin! I’m just trying to make a point: Abortion is ENDING A LIFE. Slavery is simply treating a life like garbage–property. Since abortion is worse than slavery, why don’t we just bring it back as well?

    Of course this is absurd to all of us! Slavery in America?! NEVER AGAIN!

    Abortion is worse. Think about it.

  6. I agree with Adam that abortion, in any form, is murder. Plain and simple. A couple of comments:

    1. If we rely solely on legislation for rules to “teach” us how to be, we will be sunk. It should be and can be used as a tool. If we take away the abortion option, unwed, scared, teen mothers will have to find other answers. That is where they should look in the first place but if we make it easy to make the wrong decision, they will choose the simplest option. If we, as a nation, ignorant of the teachings of Christ, choose to allow abortions and label it as an immoral necessity, I think that all people go through a class that shows exactly what happens for an abortion with close-ups on the fetus at various stages in development. That may deter a lot of cases.

    2. Being pro-choice, as stated above, is a lot different when you are a defenseless baby. Someone may try to kill you but you reserve the right to defend yourself. How can a baby that has yet to be born?

    3. One thing that we are forgetting with the whole stealing issue (as though this were the actual issue), is the teachings of Christ. I vaguely remember something about losing one’s own life for Christ being better than someone who keeps their life. Whatever the sin is, is it worth committing to save our own life or to die knowing we followed God’s word? Stealing is stealing even if you are starving and you have no other option to stay alive.

    I won’t say I’m perfect on any of these issues, but sometimes following Christ isn’t easy. One thing I have found is that the rules with Him are very defined and very absolute. Do we love God more or our own skin? Do we value God’s opinion of us more or our mother and father’s? Do we follow the rules of God even though the rules of man are more slack?

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