I’ve decided I will follow Dr. Dobson’s suit, and I will never vote for a candidate who supports the killing of innocent babies.

I won’t do it.

But its not the only issue?

In 1861, neither was slavery.

I Feel Old.

I’m almost 24, but I feel old right now.

Yesterday I was eating lunch with a 16 year old that I mentor. He told me something he was going to do, and I asked him, “Are your parents down with that?”

He said, “What?”

I repeated, “Are your parents down with that?”

“Are they what?”

Again, I repeated “Are your parents down with that?”

Then he laughed at me. “Are they ‘down with it’? Man Adam, I had to think about what that meant. That’s old school. Nobody talks like that anymore.”

Readers – please tell me I’m not the only one who uses the phrase “down with it”! At least I’ve backed off my usage of words like “tubular” and “rad” (yes, I really did say those words quite often).

2007 In Blog Review

To close out the year, I wanted to take a minute to link back to a few of my most favorite blogs that I wrote in 2007. I tried to describe each of them so you can pick and choose which (if any) you’d like to read.

This post would have to rank as my number one favorite blog post. It’s pretty heavy. It’s about the time that I almost killed a man, and the lesson I learned in it. Go read it.

I’m not sure how many times I’ve linked back to my “Don’t Be Such A Sissy” post, but I’ll do it again. It’s right on. Christianity isn’t for sissies.

This one explains why I believe we do not see drastic spiritual renewal/revival in the American church today.

I’m a worship pastor, and I occasionally write about Worship Teams. This is my favorite of those.

I think many of us misunderstand how evangelism is supposed to work. I love this post about evangelism.

One of my favorite things is interpersonal communication and how personalties plays into it. I complied one “interpersonal communication driven post” about the backbone of all relationships. Check it.

    Airport Terminals.

    My previous post was about the need to live a life of a crescendo – never be lacking in zeal but always holding your spiritual fervor. If you’ve been a Christian longer than 7 days, you probably know that keeping your spiritual fervor is easier said than done. Today I want to present an idea of how to keep living with zeal and spiritual fervor for a lifetime.

    Have you ever noticed that airport terminals have a lot of chairs? What are those chairs for? –they’re for waiting. I am on my way to a conference this morning and my flight was canceled. I was put to a later flight to the same city. So here I am — sitting in an airport terminal. In the chairs. Waiting.


    If we want to live a life of continual zeal for God, we must live a life of consistent spiritual renewal. Oh, how I wish that God would have told us how to live a life of consistent spiritual renewal! Oh wait, he did. Check it out, “They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength” (Is. 40:31). The NIV says that “those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength.” After looking up the original language, I think a great translation would be, “Those that earnestly seek after God will renew their strength.”

    Do you want to maintain a high level of zeal and fervor for Christ your entire life? That’s the secret – seek Him. Wait for Him. Expect Him.


    It’s really annoying to have to wait for this next flight. I’m waiting for my flight and I’m hoping and trusting it will depart timely. But after the waiting – I know I’m going to get on my flight. The Good Thing can only come after the wait — the hoping — the seeking.

    The Christmas Blog.

    Last year I shared this wonderful audio file for Christmas. This year I wanted to share a wonderful music group from Indiana University called “Straight No Chaser” getting confused on their Christmas repertoire. This is fantastic on so many levels. You’ll love it!

    Distractions – and a Smoothie.

    I got a blender for free a couple weeks ago. By “for free” I mean I got it as a “reward” for my credit card. So I guess its sort of free. lol.

    I was about to sit down and read my Bible and I got this wicked awesome idea to make a smoothie. I was so overjoyed with the fact that I could actually make a smoothie that I had to just make a blog post to tell everyone about my first homemade smoothie experience. I will leave a comment and let you know how it came out. ­čÖé

    But I’m not forgetting about my Bible either. Man, its so easy to get distracted.

    Back in Action.

    In High School, I was writing songs all the time. Like, every week. A lot of them were pretty good. Once I hit college, all my songwriting ceased. I haven’t written any substantial music in over 5 years.

    About a week ago, I felt God lay on my heart to put together a CD of original instrumental music (I play the piano)┬áto help people connect with Him; to help during their devotional times. It was confirmed last weekend during our church service. In my heart, I told God that I would certainly obey, but he was going to have to help me get past the musical writer’s block I had been stuck with for over five years.

    AND HE DID! I’m getting new substantial music ideas again! Psh, last Tuesday night it was occuring so fast that I couldn’t even write it all down quick enough.

    Please pray for me as I write music┬áthat can┬áminister to others. Writing music is not easy, I share Billy Joel’s testimony of writing music, “It feels as if you rip your guts open, lay your insides all over a table, and then stick them back in and sow yourself shut.” Pray that I can keep going with discipline as I get these musical ideas, even when I’m tired. Please pray that I make all the right connections with people who can collaberate with me on this project – a producer and other musicians who share my vision.┬áThanks!